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Schedule Assessment

Get in touch regarding your concerns! I can be reached by phone, email, or directly from the website.


Following your request for assessment, we will set up an Intake Interview. This provides an opportunity for me as the examiner and you as the parent to meet and further discuss your concerns in person. Based upon the information presented, I will determine if we should move forward with assessment together, or if you may be better served through another party. Following the Intake Interview, you will be asked to complete a Developmental History Form detailing your concerns and general information regarding your child. The Developmental History Form helps provide me with in-depth information regarding your concerns, and any pertinent family, medical, and educational information. The form should be mailed back to me prior to our first scheduled assessment day. 

If your child has undergone any prior assessment in or outside of the school system, it will be important for you to bring copies of previous assessment reports, IEPs, and/or 504 Plans. If your child holds a diagnosis from any other professional, please bring official documentation of the diagnosis. 


The date(s) of assessment will be scheduled following the Intake Interview. To complete an assessment I will work one-on-one with your child. Depending upon the child and presenting concerns, there may be two or more dates scheduled for the overall assessment process. Most assessment periods will range from 3-5 hours, with breaks incorporated as needed throughout that time frame. 

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